Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween x 2

Thanks to the party planning of the Brennan and Reid kids, we were able to enjoy Beggars' Night in Des Moines and Trick-or-Treat night in Minneapolis. Before the evening's festivities, we enjoyed a gorgeous 70 degree day in Des Moines.  I have to say, Des Moines is definitely a cooler place than when I was a small friend. We went to a fabulous French cafe for lunch, the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden downtown, and to a very hip shop called RAYGUN. Sadly, Shawn was not with us on this trip, but I scored him some cool t-shirts. Watch for him sporting one that says, "America: Only the Insured Survive" and "Clear Lake: The Hamptons of Mason City." I know that he can't wait to wear that one in Forest City where its humor will be thoroughly appreciated.

We carved pumpkins with the Brennans using their ample array of Pumpkin Wizard tools. The boys had also had another cousin carving party with Freddy, so we have sharpened these skills...what else can we carve before Halloween 2011?

Enjoy the photos of Lachen and Joe as Legolaf and Aksel and Lexi as hobbits, Frodo and Sam, respectively. Thank you Grandma Hemberger for turning out these Lord of the Rings costumes so quickly! I went to a surprise party for Jonathon. Vampires were sucking blood all night long. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Shawn's birthday is on Halloween, and once again, his day was trumped by pagan celebration and costuming. We'll celebrate you soon, Shawn!

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Elizabeth Brennan said...

It was such a great day! Thanks so much for coming down our way! I'll get pictures to you soon -- and Legolas' cape was sent to you today.
Happy B-day, Shawn!